The Berklee at the Gnaoua and World Music Festival program offers an unparalleled opportunity for musicians to dive deep into a global musical language. Led by world-renowned Berklee instructors, participants will engage in continuous performances with musicians from diverse backgrounds, immersing themselves in various grooves, rhythms, harmonies, and improvisational styles.

Throughout the five-day program in Essaouira, Morocco, students will learn to seamlessly merge their own musical language with that of their peers, beginning with active listening and comprehension of different musical concepts. 

They will be challenged to explore various aspects of their instruments, expanding their musical and technical toolkit to create across diverse styles, including composition, arrangement, and improvisation.

The workshop is open to musicians of all genres, from classical to Gnaoua traditional, from pop and rock to jazz, and more. It offers an enriching experience set against the backdrop of historic Essaouira, allowing participants to absorb the unique atmosphere of the city.

Key figures involved in the program include Leo Blanco, Professor of Piano and Academic Director, Ron Savage, Vice President and Executive Director of Berklee College of Music, as well as instructors Victorija Pilatovic, Javier Vercher, Jason Camelio, and Bri Tagliaferro.

Overall, the Berklee at the Gnaoua and World Music Festival program promises to be a transformative experience for musicians seeking to enhance their musicianship and connect with a global musical community.